Have you wanted a web page for your small business? Or maybe your own personal web page? Do you think it is too difficult to set up your own page? Have you looked around at web designers but found their fees too expensive? I can help you.

I am a web page designer and I also design documents for desktop publishing. I have 3 years experience, and I love what I do.

I have made the process of getting a web site very easy. Simply fill out my form for your preferences, and type in your text. I will do all of the layout work.

The only fee involved is what you pay me as your designer. I use free web space on the Internet. My rates are very reasonable.

If you wish to have your own domain name (such as www.yourname.com or www.yourname.net), there is a service at Name2Host.com that can provide your own domain and web hosting for a fee of 25 dollars per year. You would need to pay this fee yourself, but I can help you set this up. This is the most reasonable fee I have found yet.

First page designed (includes maintenance and unlimited updates for 3 months.)


Each additional page designed (includes maintenance and unlimited updates for 3 months.)


Maintenance and update for additional 3 months

$10 for the first 3 pages of your web site. (additional pages are extra.)

Ready to start? Click HERE.

Or Email me for more help.


An example of my work:

Home Child Care, Phoenix


 Unitarian Universalist Association


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